Martiq Construction

Founded in 2001, Martiq Construction is the epitome of high quality construction solutions.

Martiq Farming

At Martiq Farming, we are all passionate about producing food through the help of latest best practices and technology.

Martiq Plant Hire

Plant hire in South Africa provides companies with access to all the tools they need to achieve success in their industries.  Martiq Plant Hire will service all your plant hire needs. At Martiq Plant Hire we service road construction, bulk earthworks, and the infrastructure sectors.

Constructing successful projects for our clients

“Suppose you read of a person who could tell the exact time just by looking at the position of the sun or stars. “It’s April 23, 1996, 2:36 A.M.” Wow, you’d think. What a remarkable person. Yet wouldn’t it be more remarkable and useful for the world if that person built a clock that anyone could refer to, even after the clockmaker had died? 

Having a great idea, or being a charismatic, visionary leader is like “time telling.” Building a company that’s healthy long after the visionary leader is gone, or after the great product is passé, is “clock building.” 

Visionary companies have clockbuilding managers whose greatest creation is the company itself.” J Collins & J.I Porras_Built to last. 

Martiq Group has created a culture where we home grow our leaders in the various industries in order for them to be best equipped to live out our core values and through this best serve our clients with end to end solutions in the industries that we operate in. Our aim is to be a clock building company that can tell time for many years into the future.


    • Our core values are Accountability, Integrity and Excellence
    • We keep our staff from grassroot level to management accountable for timely within budget project delivery.


    • We serve our clients with integrity and respect any and all people whom we interact with on a daily basis.
    • We pursue Excellence in all our deliverables through effective teamwork, stakeholder engagement and client interaction.